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We use Virtual Reality for corporations to boost collaboration across any distance.

We are headroom.
We connect people.


Work is changing

Hybrid and remote first models have become the new norm in the workplace.

Distributed teams harness the power of digitalisation in new and unsuspected ways.

Corporate cultures are changing.


Business travel will never be the same.

Work is changing

Virtual Reality is the best alternative to long-distance business travel today.


How does it work?

We bring people together in virtual spaces to discuss, interact and collaborate in a way which is not possible with traditional remote work tools.

We use state-of-the-art technology to connect people in a new, more human manner.

How does it work?

Make the switch: replace the plane,
the hotel and the conference room.


How does it add value?

It enables companies to reduce travel costs while empowering collaboration in an entirely new way.

It helps reduce emissions.

It boosts team togetherness and helps rebuild Social Capital.


Virtual Reality can be the missing link for distributed teams.


It's great for those who...

Travel a lot for work


Present a lot


Organize workshops


Like to innovate


Are serious about sustainability


Value a premium digital experience

It's great for...


Your enabler for social digital connections worldwide


What we offer

We accompany teams on the journey into VR and allow them to assess its uses. We guide them along the way and help them to introduce Virtual Reality into their organisation step by step. This includes:


Virtual Reality workflows and integration

Team onboarding

Virtual Reality training

Workshop realisation


Virtual Reality consulting

What we offer

We have been proud to introduce guests from the following esteemed companies to headroom experiences:


Interested to learn more?

Get in touch!

We'll be happy to show you the ropes.

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