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How does it work?

Simply put: We all don Virtual Reality headsets and meet in beautifully crafted virtual spaces!


The spaces are totally flexible, from huge warehouses to sleek conference rooms, from the Alps to the Caribbean. Or we can create special spaces to suit your needs (generally, this is not necessary).


We use industry standard hardware (e.g. the Oculus Quest 3 or the Pico 4 headsets) and a variety of existing software tools to enable meetings, workshops, presentations and more in the Metaverse.


We advise our customers on which combination of existing tools best suits their respective use-cases and corporate cultures and then optimize those tools to create a productive and inspiring environment.


The Metaverse and the technology supporting it is evolving extremely rapidly, with new options appearing almost every day. We stay up to date with these advances in order to be able to inform our customers of the best choices.

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