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What we offer

Virtual Reality workflows and integration

We will show you how best to implement Virtual Reality in your organisation to boost your internal (and potentially external) collaboration.

This includes integrating Virtual Reality into your existing remote work pipeline.

Team Onboarding

It's not simply a case of handing out headsets to everyone and away we go. headroom ensures that your team feels comfortable with the technology and is happy using the tools. 

Virtual Reality training

Once your team is onboard, we help you to take advantage of the amazing benefits of meeting in Virtual Reality. We train you in all relevant tools and assist in making the experience productive and enjoyable.

Workshop realisation

Want to carry out inspiring and effective workshops in Virtual Reality with participants from all over the world? headroom has workshop setups ready to go - or we will create new ones to suit your objective. We also have a network of professional coaches and moderators who are versed in the technology and can make sure the event fulfils its purpose.

Virtual Reality consulting

Wondering how to introduce Virtual Reality into your organisation? We can help, from selecting the right hardware / software setup to planning a step-by-step roll-out. We can also advise you on areas where the technology makes the most sense.

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