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What it looks like

Here a few examples of real-world scenarios we have carried out with our clients.


There are no limits in Virtual Reality, however. We will gladly come up with other formats to suit any specific use-case.

Presenting in VR.jpg


Virtual Reality is ideally suited for presentation scenarios. Speakers can be located anywhere in the world and don't need to be flown in. And the same goes for the audience, of course.

Team Meetings

Finally, a really social way to bring your remote, decentralized teams together in one space. Rebuilding Social Capital in Virtual Reality is phenomenally effective - and really necessary in the post-pandemic world.

TC Totale.jpg

Team Workshops

We offer a wide range of existing workshop formats, suitable for groups of 3 to 30. In addition to these, we can develop formats which will work better than "in real life". We also bring a network of trained coaches and moderators to make the workshops truly effective.

Strategy Workshops

Bringing leadership teams together from all over the world used to be an expensive and inefficient effort. Now, the time can be used effectively - and spontaneously - without the travel and the hassle. 

SB Goals.jpg

Team-building events

Beyond productive work and highly effective presentations, Virtual Reality offers massive potential for team fun. There are quite literally no limits to what teams can do together - the effect is amazing and of course so much more efficient than gathering everyone in one physical location.

Relationship Building

Inter-disciplinary teams located all over the world are expected to work together effectively today. Quite a challenge when they have had little opportunity to get to know each other. This can be solved with specifically designed formats in our VR spaces.

SD Close.jpg

Virtual Reality Training

Feeling comfortable and being able to work effectively in VR requires a bit of getting used to. Our onboarding and training modules ensure that once teams are in the spaces, they can get on with the job and do not need to worry about the tech.

Images produced in Glue, Spatial, AltSpaceVR and courtesy of Meta

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